Nutri Clean OLC (1 litre)

Gentle on your skin, gentle on nature. Gentle, useful, economical... essential! Nutri Clean is a multi-purpose liquid that cleans effectively but gently, while respecting the environment. Highly versatile this liquid soap is pH neutral and has a natural surfactant base. It is botanically enriched and is clinically proven by dermatologists to be mild and gentle on skin.
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Nutri Cleans concentrated formula makes it very economical to use.  Use highly diluted for gentle cleaning or full strength for heavy cleaning.  Non toxic, safe and gentle.  It can even be used as a bubble bath for the children or to wash the most delicate of fabrics.

Ingredients: Yucca Extract 

Skin Type: All 

Order Code: 48451

I discovered Nutri Clean OLC over 20 years ago when my first son was about 2 years old. I suffered from eczema at the time, but once I started using it my skin improved. Over the years I have used it for cleaning bathrooms, windows and cars as it does''nt leave streaks. I also used it for bathing myself, my children and even my dog

My boys have now left home but I still use it for myself. I would be lost without this in my cupboard and never go on holiday without taking some with me.

5 Stars
Jacqueline Partridge | Stafford

An incredible all round product. I use it in the bath, it cleans me and the bath at the same time! I''ve used it as a face wash too, it''s ph balance and mild and gentle. Some of the consultants have bathed their eczema covered babies in it as it does not contain soap or detergent so doesn''t aggrevate the skin. It''s also great for cleaning upholstery and carpets as it doesn''t leave a sticky residue and cleans really well. Windows and tiles sparkle with it too. It''s also great for washing salad, fruit and vegetables, not to mention the car, windscreen washer bottle, washing up (so mild for the hands much more so than the leading brand of washing up liquid!) I could go on and on and on......oh yes and it''s economical too as it''s so concentrated.

5 Stars
Jane's comments | Reigate

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