Loyalty Points

Your loyalty to the Nutrimetics brand and to Nu essence is really appreciated and to say thank you we are offering you the opportunity to collect loyalty points which you can redeem on your next order or collect to earn free products.

How do I earn loyalty points?
For every £1 you spend on our website you will earn 1 loyalty point.

What can I do with my loyalty points?
Loyalty points earned from previous orders can be redeemed on current or future orders to reduce the price of the order in part or in full. (Note: Loyalty points cannot be used against delivery charges)

Where are my loyalty points saved?
When you first order through our website you'll be asked to supply an email address and a password. This information allows you to login via the Checkout page on your next visit for faster purchasing and adds the loyalty points to your account.

How can I redeem my loyalty points?
Once you're logged in and viewing the Checkout page you'll be able to redeem your loyalty points against the current order, or save them for your next order.

What is the value of each loyalty point?
The value of each loyalty point is £0.05. For example, if you spend £100.00 you'll be able to redeem £5.00 on your next order.

How many loyalty points do I need before I can redeem them?
The minimum amount of loyalty points required before being able to redeem them is 100 (£5.00). 

How long will the loyalty points remain valid for?
Loyalty points are valid for 6 months. Every order will extend the validality of the points for a further 6 months.