Q. How can I purchase Nutrimetics products? 
A. Fill in the contact form and we will direct you to your nearest consultant or offer you alternative ways of purchasing.

Q. How can I try the product range? 
A. Once we know where you are in the UK we can arrange for a consultant to visit you either on a one to one basis or a small group pampering session so please complete the contact form.

Q. Can I earn extra income by collecting Nutrimetics orders? 
A. You can earn up to 35% commission on your monthly volume plus loyalty bonus points (online orders only)

Q. Would I have to do parties? 
A. Parties are the most time effective way of marketing the product range however there are many other ways of marketing Nutrimetics. Contact us for more details.

Q. Why should I use a Serum? 
A. Serums are especially power packed to boost your daily skincare regime and target special skin concerns. They can be used together with day crèmes and night crèmes or on their own.

Q. My skin is in good condition but I want to do everything I can to delay the ageing process – what do you suggest? 
A. Step one. Regularly cleanse tone and moisturise with the appropriate cleansing range for your skin type, ideally twice a day. Step two. Exfoliate using an exfoliating scrub, masque or the facial peel crème once or twice a week. Step three. Introduce serums to your skincare regime. There is a treatment serum for different concerns and they are applied under the moisturiser or night crème. (see page on serums for full range and information)

Q. What can you do about lines and wrinkles around the eyes? 
A. Prevention is always best. Use an eye crème such as the Nutri eyes, or comfort eye crème as preventative measure. To lessen lines and firm the skin around the eye area try Restore firming eye crème. For visible difference in lines and wrinkles use the tight firm and fill serum under your favourite eye crème morning and night.

Q. I suffer from very red cheeks/acne rosacea what would you suggest to help calm the skin? 
A. The Comfort range soothes and calms redness and is excellent for rosacea conditions. I have very sensitive skin and suffer from eczema/psoriasis do you have any products that can help? The Comfort range is ideal for extremely sensitive skins.

Q. My son suffers from severe acne and has tried various prescriptions from the doctor without much success, does Nutrimetics have a product that could help?
A. The Clear range has had amazing results on serious acne, as well as blemish prone skins, without using harsh chemicals and stripping the skin, where topical creams and medication from the doctor have not.

Q. How can I get more information on the products or which products will suit my particular skin concerns?
A. Just give us a call our helpline on 01342 893008 and Jane will be happy to help you select the correct products relating to your particular needs.